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Fairies, Ch 5a - Planning

Well, they finally decided what they wanted next. The REMFs, that is. Another encampment got overrun at night by the usual treezan/fairy/dryad mix, apparently with arachneans scouting and sighting for them. That was bad. Our orders? "Counter strike." Period.

WTF? No objectives, no tactical imperatives, nothing. Just counter strike as a tit-for-tat thing. Infuriating, and wasteful. We are due to be rotated back in two weeks, but they want us to make a morale hit without an objective.

Well, I don't do things that way. If they didn't give an objective, I'll have to invent one. They struck to either prove something, maybe the working of their alliance, or for some information. The damn REMFs just want a basic frontal assault with lots of flash and bang. Dumb. They'll get it, but that will be a diversion. The sneakiest of our troop will raid their encampment, release any of our own that may captive and alive, and find out what they have that's new. My kind of raid. Maybe we can fracture their little alliance, too.

Now, to scout, prepare and brief. They want this thing soon. Initially the idiots had said "go hit them now", but I pointed out that we would get better results if we took a day and planned the strike. Gods, they only grudgingly allowed that. I wish my father was in my chain of command - he wouldn't have been in such a hurry.


Ye gods, what a nightmare. Our scouts found their encampment, all right. There are arachnean webs smack in the middle of it, supported by elder treezans. They apparently have prisoners still living from the raid, wrapped in webbing as food for fairies and arachneans. Very, very bad. Most arachneans don't come to this area, preferring darker forests, but these are here.

The arachneans are somewhat light sensitive, preferring to operate during the darker hours, or in darker places - they are slightly day-blind. Their queens have rule over them, they feed on blood and plant sap, and their mating is... violent. They are also somewhat hard to kill. Fortunately, they usually don't engage in large numbers, often no more than a single queen's reign. This is at least two or three reigns.

I hope to hell we can pull this off. We barely have enough troops, but if we can retrieve the hostages and take out a queen and a bunch of treezans, we'll have done fairly well. I still don't know the easiest way to kill an arachnean.

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