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If I could write speeches for Obama...

I'd write this:

"Ladies and gentlemen, it has been brought to my attention by the media, in full feeding frenzy, that a Representative from the fine southern state of Georgia has called my wife and I 'uppity'. Well, as members of the hard pressed middle class, who clawed our way up against racism and sexism, we are!

The rich will always see those who work to better themselves, and make the world a better place for their children, as uppity. The ruling class will always see those who challenge and try to change the status quo as uppity. We are the people who aspire to be better than what they would have us be. We are the people whose parents aren't millionaires, who haven't married into money, who still dare to aspire to the halls of power and leadership.

This proud nation was started by uppity people, who dared to challenge colonial rule. Uppity people, who dared enshrine inalienable rights into our constitution, like government by the consent of the governed! Uppity people, who refused taxation without representation, and economic servitude to powerful offshore corporations that acted as agents of that distant government.

America, by its nature, is an uppity nation. We dared to put a man on the moon. We have, as part of our history and culture, the idea that an immigrant who arrived on our shores with nothing can work and invent his own wealth and place. We are uppity, believing that you should judge someone on their merits, not on the color of their skin, who their parents were, or who they married for their money.

By the definition of the 19th century white elitists, I am, in truth, an uppity black man. I dare to look anyone in the eye, and speak strong words of truth to their face. But that definition is outdated, a relic of a sad, painful era in our history whose vestiges we are still trying to overcome. I believe we can - by being uppity.

Anyone who strives against their assumed, ordained by those of wealth and power, place in life is uppity. Anyone who wants to improve their lot, and the lot of their fellow citizens, is uppity. Anyone who dares speak out for those whose voices have been silenced or ignored, is uppity. Women who want to control their own bodies and lives are uppity.

People who are community organizers, helping people come together to help each other, sre uppity. Anyone who dares question wars that chew up young lives and litter our streets with discarded veterans is uppity. Someone who wants to make sure that those who have served our nation get their just due is uppity. People who want a fair and affordable health care system are uppity. People who want a strong economy, where jobs stay in their country and pay fair wages, are very uppity.

So, I say to you, yes, I am uppity. My wife is uppity. My staff is uppity. My supporters are uppity!

And we are proud, very proud, to be uppity. For that is exactly what we should be, to bring about the needed change in our country. For it is only by being uppity that we challenge the failures of the last 8 years, and make a meaningful, beneficial, change.

Thank you."



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Sep. 6th, 2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
You should send that to his speech writers. It's good.
Sep. 7th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
Echoing that.. you should send it to his campaign people.

Contact details are here
Sep. 7th, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
next thing you know he will be saying "he speaks so well!"
Sep. 7th, 2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
Very well done.
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