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I have been reading articles about prop (h)8, the rule allowing religious bigots to refuse medical services, and now Obama picking Warren to give his invocation, and I'm getting really, really pissed, especially when reading the small minded, nasty "Christian" reader comments.

Will the fucking so-called Christians please realize that:
A) Christianity is not the only religion in this country,
B) Neither is the JCI monotheist religion set an absolute monopoly with the right to govern,
C) The United States has a mother fucking SECULAR government,
D) People here have the right not to be ruled by the fucking Christian bible,
E) The "Old Testament" advocates things which are abhorrent to a civilized society,
F) People who aren't enslaved to their nasty book are sick and fucking tired of being abused in its name,
G) People who don't buy into Christianity don't want to be fucking "saved" or any of that claptrap, and
H) People who aren't Christians have "heard the Word™" and want no fucking part of it.

Does this make it fucking clear?? Do you get the message now?

If you don't believe in gay marriage, don't marry a gay! Otherwise, butt the fuck out, assholes! Take your preacher propaganda prejudices and shove them up your Gawd-fearing asses. The rest of us neither need or want your childish, fear driven, rules to govern our lives.

Freedom of religion means freedom from religion, including yours.

Enjoy your religion and its strictures. It's your right. Wallow in it to your heart's content, but don't try to impose it on others, don't try to justify implementing your prejudices as law via your religion. It's really that simple.

Go ahead and link to this. I want people to get the fucking point.</i>


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Dec. 18th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
Quick note:

Obama didn't pick Warren.

The inauguration committee did. Obama had nothing to do with the choice.

From Salon.com: "This time, though, the decision to get involved with Saddleback was actually not Obama's. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, run by the House and Senate, put together the program for the swearing-in ceremony. Congress, not Obama, invited Warren (as well as scheduling a musical performance by Aretha Franklin; here's hoping she doesn't reprise the 2005 inaugural performance of John Ashcroft's "Let the Eagle Soar")."
Dec. 18th, 2008 11:29 pm (UTC)
Really? Thats not what I've been reading. Including the articles of Obama defending "his choice" of Warren.

Not that a committee pick would be much better since that has Pelosi and Feinstein on it.

I hadn't figured the Dems would do anything to help GLBT folks. Now I think this means even that is an optimistic stance. Inclusion apparently still doesn't include us.
Dec. 19th, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Thing is, it's not just that choice, but the comments that the small minded theocrats make, telling gays that "the people have spoken, suck it up and deal". Civil rights don't work like that.

Civil rights exist to protect minorities from the stampeding herds of the majority. If you put new civil rights up to a simple majority vote, of course they're going to lose. The status quo has the weight of time, inertia and fear to carry it forward.
Dec. 19th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)
I'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying, or your main point.

I just wanted to chime in that one little thing before we all lit up the torches and got out the pitchforks for Obama in particular.

I, for one, would be much happier if Warren and his ilk were far, far away from the inauguration.
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