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Fucking Outrageous!

Vegas man accused of chaining daughter to bed for being overweight

He felt she was overweight. So he beats her, locks the fridge and the pantry, then chains her to the bed for supposedly sneaking food into her room. I bet he drinks a six-pack a day, along with cheap junk and such.

* If a kid feels that she (and it's usually a girl) has to "steal" food from the pantry or sneak food into her room, then her parents have failed, and she will have issues around food for life.
* When parents are obsessed with diets and weight, both theirs and hers, and pass over what she eats for "how much" they think she eats, the kid will lose, and end up both fat and malnourished.
* When parents put kids on diets and "systems" because the parents themselves are fat and they control the food in the house, then the parents cheat while ignoring the hunger of the kids? Kiss that kid's health, self esteem and good relationship with food goodbye.

When a kid is a teenager, the time for enforced diets and teaching healthy eating by parental dictate is long gone. No matter what they try, if the teen doesn't buy in, it will backfire, and make things worse.



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Jan. 21st, 2009 04:43 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, lets lock the fridge and chain her to her bed. Poor child. I can only imagine the self image issues she has. When I try to control my weight I do things like not bringing home chips and candy. There's always plenty of food though, and you should never deny a child food. I always figured they could have all the veggies, fruit, and meats they wanted. They need to eat more than adults do, especially during teen years when their bodies are changing so much. What a jerk he is. And where was Mom? They didn't mention her in the article.
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