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Political Notes

Why we are as screwed as we are:

The GOP has held the White House for 20 of the last 28 years, and hounded and harassed the last Democrat to hold it.
They had control of Congress from 1995 to 2006 - 11 years.

During this time they:
* Deregulated the markets further after the Reagan fantasy "Trickle Down" years (or "Tinkle Down", as I call it, because all those on the bottom get is pissed on.)
* "Reformed" bankruptcy (for individuals, not corporations) according to a credit company wish list (I guess we know who they really represent, huh.)
* Rubber stamped the Bush wars
* Further gutted the HUD and other housing agencies, replacing billions for housing with token millions for "homelessness".
* Hamstrung the EPA
* Cheese-pared NASA, leading to things like the Columbia disaster

Now, the axis of evil - Limbaugh, Coulter and Gingrich - want us to embrace the serpent's kiss again. True believers, they got theirs, and in true pyramid type fashion they tell us we can get ours too, just kill off "big government" (read government that spends its money inside the USA on other than no-bid war contracts).

I personally tend toward small-l libertarianism - that is, have the government a) not regulate private personal behavior, b) regulate fictitious people (corporations) because they have no ethics and too much power, c) spend our tax money on the common good (infrastructure, law enforcement, emergency services, health care), d) refuse to enforce religious crap and protect us from religious crap, e) protect our human rights, and f) mitigate natural disasters.

But the neo-cons and their bloviators would call me a socialist.

From them, I'll take the label, and wear it proudly.

If wanting to hold to account banks, insurance companies, oil companies and the other corporate parasites that have fed unrestricted on our society for the last 30 years is socialist? Fine, I'm socialist.

If believing that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires a lack of pain and inescapable debt from health insurance cheese paring, profiteering and inefficiency is socialist? Fine, I'm a socialist.

If wanting to make sure that affordable housing is available to all, including building more and maintaining it with government money, is socialist? Fine, I'm socialist.

If wanting to provide lifetime medical, dental, psychological and retirement benefits to those who have served in our country's military is socialist? Fine, I'm a socialist.

If wanting to enforce all 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights is socialist? Call me a socialist.

If believing that the will of the majority does not trump the basic rights of any minority is socialist? Call me a socialist.

If believing that we need to raise taxes, especially on those who make over $500,000 a year, to pay for the Republican spending spree and bailing out the aftermath of their deregulation and funny money frenzy is socialist? Call me a socialist.

But I prefer to think of it as "Realist" and "Humanitarian".

I make under $100 K a year. I still expect my taxes to go up. They went up under every Republican, because I don't have lobbyists to protect me, and they will go up again to pay for the fuckover the Republicans and their corporate masters have done to our nation.

The Republicans don't believe in small government - they believe in big government that benefits only big corporations and the rich. Small business, the middle class, and the poor are just fodder, slaves, and hosts for their economic parasitism and religious brainwashing. Anything else they say has proven to be lies.

The talking heads of the right are traitors to what makes America a free and desirable place to live.

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