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Where Movement Conservatism Failed

The Great Repudiation: Why voters have had enough of conservative rule

True, we are not in any sort of liberal nirvana. And the Democrats who sucked up to the movement conservatives are just as much to blame as the Republicans.

But I am heartily sick of the "I Got Mine, Screw You" conservatives, the "My Moral Mythos Must Be Law For All" conservatives, and "Oh, Look It's A Terrorist/Liberal/Criminal/Drug User About to Ruin America™" conservatives.

We've wised up after Nixon, Reagan and Bush.

The name for the type of politics I tend to favor now to fix our country? Not socialism, folks. Social Democracy - European style social democrats that actually care about both business and the poor.

Oh, BTW, countries that have socialized medicine actually have advantages for small businesses - they don't have to find some bloodsucking insurance company to cover their employees for too much (or, usually, do without and be unable to hire the best.) If everyone's covered without needing to add it to your labor cost, you have a cost basis.

But movement (bowel movement, IMO) conservatives don't want to hear it.

They would rather stick to the hackneyed Deregulation, God, Gays and Abortion agenda that hates the 'poor' (those making less than $500,000 a year), and non-whites.

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