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Democratic complicity and what "politicizing justice" really means
'Action Memo' For Obama: Recommendations For Dealing With Torture
Reclaiming America’s Soul

The long and short is that we need a bipartisan, independent investigation and prosecution under US law for those whose authorized torture in the so-called "War on Terror", and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and "Extraordinary Rendition". When the facts have been found, the people who authorized it, supervised it, and claimed it to be legal must be charged, period. Even if that includes half of Congress from both sides of the aisle, and current cabinet members.

Seriously, no matter how people tried to spin it, that shit is illegal, both under US and International law. Hanging a few underlings out to dry for "excesses' won't cut it. Someone authorized it, someone got the reports and knew how they were obtained. The big guys, Republican *or* Democrat, I'm not picky who, need to be found, charged, and tried in a court of law.

So sorry, Mr President, no just saying "Oh, here's a few memos." - We want to know the full extent of the wrongdoing in our name! We want the violators prosecuted!

We ca not allow torturers and their bosses to go unpunished. Not In Our Name.

Full and open investigation, or you just bought yourself into it. Silence and inaction is assent.

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