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So the H8 folks won, for now.

The tides of time and justice flow against them. All of the bible thumping, science denial, and sheer homophobia are an evolutionary dead end. They fear what they can't control, what they can't shame, what they can't bend to their and their small, petty God's "will".

Now, I'm bi, I could "choose" to be "straight", but reality isn't that way. But I can pass if I want to, be the "high yeller" of the LGBT spectrum. Others can't. When a man is only attracted to men, he can't change it. If he could, our society wouldn't have uncloseted gays - any sane person would chose to be straight, if they had a choice.

But the person I love is female, not male. Also, all of my full gay friends have rights too, rights that the stupid desert religions can't believe away.

This nation was founded on the principle of equality, even if the founders fell short of that ideal themselves due to their own cultural blind spots. In the end, equality and love will conquer the bible based hate and fear.

We need to speak out, gay and straight, on how gays marrying strengthens our communities, our families, and our nation.

We need to secure the favorable tax codes, inheritance rights, housing rights, hospital visitation rights, medical decision rights, and legal testimony rights that now *only* accrue to "married" hetero couples. These rights are just not there with "civil unions" or "domestic partnerships" - they just aren't. It's not only separate, but decidedly unequal. Anyone who really thinks about it knows it. But the churches lie to their parishioners, saying "oh, but they have civil unions, its the same, but marriage is sacred". They don't really understand that gays are cheated of some of the "meat" of marriage rights.

If civil unions/domestic partnerships are so equal to marriage, then all these whiny religious gits wouldn't mind giving up state sanctioned marriage entirely, would they? They could keep "marriage" as a purely religious matter, and any legal benefits would be associated with civil unions. But if you suggest that, they whine, saying "it's not the same", then turn around and tell us again that it is "equal".

This isn't over. However, if you are against gay marriage, please, remove yourself from my "friends" list. I'm no longer willing to be "tolerant" of any viewpoint that wants to deny me and mine their rights. Tolerance doesn't mean doormat, doesn't mean open headed acceptance of everyone's bullshit, doesn't mean allowing bigots and bullies to make the rules, doesn't mean swallowing someone else's dictates and morals as binding on anyone else. I'm tolerant, not a pushover.

If you don't approve of gay marriage, don't marry someone of your own gender. But don't even dream that you have the right to make me live and love by your fucking religious rules. No more nice gay.


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May. 27th, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC)
Someone on the Mercury News discussion boards had an outstanding idea: we need a constitutional amendment that states that no civil rights may be removed from citizens via the amendment process.

And you're right; it's not over.
May. 28th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
Gay Rights & Marriage
Actually, I don't believe that denial of gay marriage is really biblical. It is an interpretation of the Bible that only takes one part of the marriage "rules" of the Old Testament and chooses to apply it, meanwhile ignoring all of the other rules. I see few brothers marrying the widows of their dead siblings, for example. Jesus preached and lived love and acceptance, not hatred. I consider myself a Christian, and I am for gay marriage. I believe that science has come a long way since biblical times and we now know that sexuality and sexual preference is not something that can be chosen. It is genetic. It is time to do one of two things: either make marriage legal between any two consenting adults, or take away all of the legal perks and make it totally a church only sacrament and remove all of the legal perks for married couples.

There are ways to get most of the legal rights granted to married couples and not be married. It takes a lot of paperwork, however. There is absolutely no reason to discriminate against gay couples by making them get the durable power of attorney, health care surrogate, and all of the other legal mumbo jumbo documents necessary to obtain most of the rights so easily enjoyed by hetero married couples. If you don't want to legalize the marriages, then change the laws, particularly the tax laws, to recognize civil unions as having the same tax and legal standings as marriages. It is time to be fair.
May. 28th, 2009 06:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Gay Rights & Marriage
Tragically, it can also be a matter of life and death, and civil unions plus a mountain of signed papers don't measure up. Terri Schiavo's husband would have been up shit creek getting legal recognition of his wife's wishes without a legal marriage--look how hard he had to fight with one. People die all the time for lack of health insurance their loved one could have provided for them if they were married. It's separate but unequal. There was even a tragic case of a lesbian couple with a Washington State civil union and all the relevant papers, medical power of attorney, the works--they went on a cruise, one had a heart attack and was hospitalized in Florida, and the hospital wouldn't even let her partner see her till after she was unresponsive and had been given last rites by a priest (they let him in!) let alone letting her make medical decisions. They weren't even able to say goodbye, and they had every damned piece of paper right there . . . except a marriage certificate.

Not to mention the kids who are ripped away from their parents.

It's not being recognized as the same, and people are falling through the cracks between the two.

May. 31st, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Gay Rights & Marriage
I live in Florida. If the right kind of Power of Attorney, including full rights as a health care surrogate is in place, then there is no problem. One easy way to get around much of this, however, until the states get with it and recognize gay marriage, is to write away and become an ordained clergyman/minister. It is easy. Then both partners carry a card stating that they are members of that church, whatever it is. To be safe, a separate medical surrogate paper, duly notarized does carry weight in Florida. Hospitals also cannot keep a person's pastor out.

I agree completely on health insurance. I think, having been an insurance agent for many years, that one could argue that a contractual union creates an insurable interest, and if the person is a dependent, then coverage should be allowed. No one, to my knowledge, has yet taken on a health insurance company in court to get this distinction clarified. I presume it is because it would not be cheap. The ACLU could, and indeed should, get involved with this concept.

Legally, marriage is a contract, or viewed as such. So is a gay union. To me, that should be the end of it. Both should be considered equally under the law and I am surprised that no lawyer has yet been willing to challenge the courts, insurance companies, hospitals and states in this matter. Otherwise all marriages would have to be performed before a clergyman, which they are not.

Schiavo argued that he was automatically Terry's health care surrogate because of his marriage (contract). In that case, no one had a signed health care surrogate designation so the arguments ensued over what her wishes really were.

Because I had a signed surrogate designation and my first surrogate was not available to act, my second surrogate was able to force a charge nurse to act about a year ago. That action saved my life when the hospital had "overnarcoticized" me.

That friend is now my first surrogate and Ravan is my second. They both know my wishes and WILL be allowed to act should I not be able so to do. It does work in Florida. Otherwise I would be talking to you from Cloud 9 or Hell. (grin)

Remember, I support gay rights, including gay marriage. My suggestions as to alternate ways to handle the problem are there as ways to do things until gay marriages become legal and gay's are given their rights. That situation cannot come too soon for me. Peace -- Ellen
Jun. 1st, 2009 12:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Gay Rights & Marriage
I know you live in Florida and support gay rights, but here is one of many places the story from the Miami Herald appears online; medical power of attorney, the whole works. http://thelpkids.com/2009/02/06/breaking-news-from-miami/

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