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Close Call, DMV Style

We have a mail problem in our neighborhood. If our mail or packages get misdelivered to one or more of our neighbors, the %^#^$& chinese bastard(s) THROW IT OUT, regardless of what it is. We know for certain that merchandise and bills have vanished in this manner. When our regular mailman is on his day off, the mail gets the wrong delivery, and thrown out.

My license plate renewal for my van never came (in other words, got misdelivered and subsequently trashed by the jackasses that live on our street in big yuppie box McMansions). I called the DMV this morning, because I *knew* the registration was due this month. Yep, it was due, by the 10th. Today is the 5th. I paid it.

So because one or more of the hostile, nasty people who live on my street can't be bothered in their lordly snootiness to put misdelivered mail back in the mailbox for redelivery, I nearly was out some money for penalties.

BTW, it's only the asians who pull this, and one particular house full specifically. The anglos and hispanics on the street will either put it back in the mailbox, or walk over to your house to deliver it.

If it wasn't such a PITA and expense, I'd have our mail delivered to a private P.O. Box.

In other news, I worked 11 hours Tuesday, 12 hours yesterday, came in early today, and will probably leave late.


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Jun. 6th, 2003 01:11 pm (UTC)
Tampering With The Mail
Okay, I'm sure that your neighbors actions are illegal. Even though the mail was delivered to the wrong address, if you can prove that they are 1)not returning it to the Post Awful for re-delivery to the correct address or 2)destroying it or 3) not exchanging it with their neighbors, I think you can sic the Feds on them.

Or you and the other neighbors might want to get a delegation together and go over and persuade them that they not only have a legal right but a moral right to make sure the mail reaches the correct recipient. If somebody knows a lawyer, you might want to see if there is some sort of legal recourse for failure to forward mail. Or go see the postmaster at the post office, let him know what is going on and tell him that the next time mail is mis-delivered to that house and not forwarded back to you (especially if it is something critical - like DMV stuff) you will be suing the USPS for tampering with the mail. Yes, delivery to the wrong address *consistently* is tampering with the mail.

Good Luck.
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