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Blog and "Race"

When I meet someone on the net, I don't know, or care, what racial category they put themselves in. Unless they mention it, or put it in their bio, I don't even think about it. Heck, I sometimes don't have a clue as to their gender identity either, unless they mention it, or something related to it.

So I assume that their culture is similar to mine - English speaking, computer literate, likely to be a bit geeky. I assume that their race is "human", since dolphins haven't learned to use computers as far as I know.

This is why I put "race" in quotes - we are all the same race, we are biologically fully cross fertile, regardless of variations in pigmentation.

Culture, though, is another story. Often, when people talk about race, they are really talking about 2 things a) culture differences (which are there even within pigment groups), and b) perceived separation based on pigmentation and other appearance differences that are often related to certain cultures.

On the net, culture is what shows up first. Even within so called "white*" society, there are big cultural differences, sometimes a vaster gap than between some "white" cultures and "brown" cultures.

Now I will admit, I have some not very nice biases against certain cultures. I consider a lot of the conservative, repressive, misogynistic cultures associated with fundamentalist JCI religions to be pure scum. Same goes for cultures that do stuff like FGM and other crap to females. I come by this bias honestly - I am a liberal non-christian western female, and I firmly believe that women are just as good and deserving of freedom over their minds and bodies as men.

Now, that being said, I will admit (with some shame) that I'm counted as "white". What's more, I grew up very sheltered middle class. My parents both were college graduates. I never finished, but my sister did.

I am often fascinated by other cultures, unless they are so misogynistic that my first reaction is contempt. To me, they're less 'boring' than my own, but that is simply a case of "the grass is greener on the other side". So if you have a different cultural background than I do, cool. I will be curious - I have a mild cultural anthro geekiness.

If you have nicer skin than I do, I will be jealous (mine is prone to zits and stuff) regardless of whether it is more or less pigmented than my own.

If you want to hate on me because I'm a "liberal", white, bi, disabled female over 40, go ahead. But don't expect any mercy from me - I'm a bitch like that.

* "White" is actually sorta pinkish-tan IME. The degree of pink vs tan varies with genetics and sun exposure.


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