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For Those In California

Me to EDD:
...I KNOW I am not eligible for a *new* claim, I should be on the second federal extension. I do not know why a new claim "was filed", nor by who or what, but it was an error, and not by me. I need to be properly routed into the second federal extension. How do I get this done?

EDD reply:
Your prior claim expired and a new claim needs to be filed. When a claim
expires, a new claim is filed. If eligible for a valid new claim, the
Federal Extension stops and benefits will be based from the new valid
claim. However, if you are not eligible on the new claim, it still has
to be filed as an invalid claim to continue receiving the Federal
Extension. A new claim will be attempted to be filed every quarter.
Thank you.

In short, if you are eligible for a new claim, it restarts the cycle and extensions, but probably at a lower rate. But it has to be checked every quarter, then denied, to continue on the federal extensions.

The EDD web site does not tell you this, so you get a lot of stress you don't need.


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Apr. 29th, 2010 07:19 am (UTC)
that's pretty wacky.

and the only reason it would make any sense is if a high enough number of people do just enough work to qualify for a new claim - at a minimum rate rather than max. ugh.
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