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Agriprocessors Trial: Underage Workers Describe BRUTAL Working Conditions At Iowa Plant

Yeah, first they start it with illegals, but strong unions would prevent it from even getting started.

This happens a lot now. There are sweatshops in the US. Not all of them just hire illegals. Corporations had their buddies in the GOP bust union power, so we get screwed by outsourcing, H1(b), and sweatshops.

For every one they catch, there are probably five more.

Welcome to the USA, the newest third world country.


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May. 12th, 2010 04:52 pm (UTC)
I agree that unions are needed to protect workers from the greed of their employers and insure safe work environments. What I don't agree with is the way the AFL-CIO has become a mega-manager often stealing workers' moneys while not providing the very things they are supposed to be organized to provide. For many of today's unions it has become about getting jobs at any price and with any tactic and about numbers of members instead of about work conditions.

We need unions that care about the workers. We don't need some of those we have now who want to eliminate right to work laws and concern themselves only with pay. In those situations where sweatshops, poor pay and poorer working conditions are taking place, we need unions. The important thing here is to get a union which will help the workers, look out for them, not organizations which become more controlling than the original employers and fill their coffers with workers' dollars just to "break" employers so as to establish all union shops and then keep people from working. That is wrong, and it is happening.

In tough economic times unions need to work with employers to find equitable, safe solutions to downturn problems which protect jobs, not hard-shell Aholes who shut down factories rather than renegotiate contracts. That, too, is happening.

Yes, outsourcing to Asia is a big problem. It cost us the steel industry and is costing us the electronics industry now. Sadly, employers who may prefer the onsite control they have by keeping operations here are willing to outsource rather than negotiate with the unions after the experiences of others who tried to do that. Frankly, the unions have brought this upon themselves, for the most part, because of their unbridled greed.

It's time for workers to wake up and form their own, smaller unions instead of trusting the mega ones we have now. Sometimes, might does not always make, or do, right. Peace and Love ---Mom
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