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Fairies, Chapter 5b - Planned

Sorry about the hiatus

So, to give the REMFs their flash and bang, I put my resident alchemists to work, making flashbangs, of course. Yes, I can be a snide literalist if I want. The fact that they would also blind and distract the arachneans is a big bonus. The "enthusiastic assault group" will use those, while the sneak squad will try to cut the captives loose.

Yes, the plan is actually more complex than that, with a third group doing another data gathering and diversion run, but I'm not writing a tactical treatise in my journal. I'm putting the antsy, gung ho types in the frontal assault crew, hoping they'll still be careful, and keeping my best footpad types for the snatch and grab. I still wish I had a steel blade to try to kill arachneans with, but I guess you have to be a rich REMF for that. What a fucking waste.

I will try one other new thing myself. I remember how the iron of that door appeared to my magical sight. The enemy sees in magic too. I've been trying to make myself "look" like the door. I seem to have some success, as I have been able to sneak up on the unofficial (and technically forbidden) card games and watch them unseen. We'll see if it works in combat. I'm not going to rely on it, but every trick helps.

Now, off to wake everyone up for the night's work.

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