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Made In China

The recession was made in China - are you surprised? I was looking askance at the trade imbalance and Chinese monetary policy years ago. BTW, the guy who wrote the article is a conservative, not a liberal or progressive. He's just not an idiot, either.



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Oct. 12th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
Except, like most everything stamped "Made in China," they didn't engineer it. That was done here, through the unlucky combination of insatiable consumer demand and unscrupulous middlemen.

China exported the cash just like they fill the shelves at Wal-mart. People were screaming for it.

Made in China? Yes. Engineered here? Also yes.
Oct. 22nd, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
Made in China
Its time for Americans to stop wallowing in self pity and blaming China for everything.

The recent meltdown can be summed up "MBA".
The MBA program teaches short term gains which return to haunt later
but after you are gone and its someone elses problem.

Americans are more interested in Linsay whats her name than they are
about pulling their pants up, sitting down, shutting up and paying
attention in class.

We need to stop worshiping ill-behaving celebrities, and stop deriding
the few who DO pay attention in class.

The 3rd world understands that if you dont work hard in school,
you will end up a homeless rag picker.

Americans need to learn the same lesson.

Americans need to learn that going to school and learning a job isnt
enough. We live longer and now need to be prepared to go back and
retrain for several careers over our life.

Unemployed factory workers need to stop whining and demanding that
Obama get their jobs back. They arent coming back!
Retrain and change jobs!

We tell the rest of the world that capitalism is great.
Part of capitalism is
"Make it cheaper than the other guy and get more business"
Well the Chinese learned that lesson better than we did.

Yeah they have some economic game playing going on, but we Americans
need to get off our asses, turn off the damn TV and get busy.

Dont blame the Chinese/Indians/Pakistanis/Irish etc.

Blame the good old US of A.

We did it to ourselves and its time to stop blubbering.
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