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Goals for 2012

  1. Pay down debt. 2011 was a fucking expensive year. I ended up owing money again - car and teeth. This year I need to reduce that.

  2. Sew stuff and sell it. I've got lots of pretty fabric and a heavy duty sewing machine

  3. Write stuff. This one is actually harder, since my job and small business take up a lot of time.

  4. Get my soap lab back and make soap. This is iffy, since the roomie tore it apart a couple years ago, and crappily packed it up to "work" on the area. Now the room is a box room. Growl.

  5. Learn to be a better geek, and how to teach it. This is job stuff.

  6. Find or make a place for myself in the local pagan community, even it is just as an artificer. I've been on the fringes too long.

  7. Spend more time decluttering. I have enough hobbies and interests that I need to better organize them.

  8. Do two or more conventions as a dealer. I'm signed up for PantheaCon and BayCon. I need to be prepared and organized.

  9. Eat better. Not talking diet - I don't do those. I just need to bring my IBS back under control. So I need to avoid fats and HFCS.

  10. Put my money where my mouth is.



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    Jan. 1st, 2012 11:52 pm (UTC)


    We've eliminated HFCS from our diet entirely, which isn't easy because it lurks in the most unexpected damn places!
    Jan. 3rd, 2012 03:01 pm (UTC)
    Soap stuff? Can we talk? If you are interested, I would like to make a small batch of soap as a gift for a Beloved.

    And geek teaching.learning... I can be a around the corner crash test dummy for that if you wish?

    there should have been a party invite sent you a few days ago. this is your neighbor who lives around the corner...
    Jan. 22nd, 2012 04:43 am (UTC)
    Aha!! I have to add you... ;)

    My soap making stuff is all packed away in boxes (grumble) and one of my goals is to get the area cleaned up so I can use it again - I'll have to buy some stuff like oils because the old ones went rancid.

    Don't know if we'll make the party - I may be sewing furiously for P-Con.
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