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PayPal Being Asshats, Again

First, read [personal profile] naamah_darling on LJ or DW.

This is not the first time PayPal has dicked people over. They tried to tell DW what they could "allow" people to post, and when DW refused, they said "Well, we won't process your payments unless you conform." DW stuck to their guns and found another payment processor. It hurt them, and still does, because PayPal has a virtual monopoly on online payment processing.

Now they are telling Smashwords and other small web-based publishers what they can publish, or they won't process their payments. Smashwords caved.

What fucking business is it of PayPal's what you buy with your money as long as it's legal? If they act as a gatekeeper on content, and whether you can purchase it or not, then they become liable for the content, even if they never touch it. That's the difference between a common carrier/service provider and an editorial relationship.

But they are doing it.

I know from a number of ex-employees that they are a bunch of nasty, chiseling, repuke banksters without a technical clue one in their higher ranks, who will backstab and gaslight anyone who does not conform to their lockstep tightass mentality. They regularly drive "different" employees to mental breakdown and/or suicide. I already hate them for that.

This is right in line with the social conservatives attempt to impose their views on everyone through propaganda and market limits. (How can you explore and question an idea that you are never exposed to?)

Recommendations for alternate payment processors are cheerfully welcome.

I wish I was rich enough to start my own.


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Mar. 1st, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
I liked Bidpay.com - but it was driven out of business a couple years ago. [sigh]

There are a couple site suggested here = http://www.screw-paypal.com/alternatives/alternatives.html
Mar. 1st, 2012 10:48 am (UTC)

Holy crap. That is terrible! D:

I haven't used PayPal in ages. We're members at Barnes & Noble, so I usually make pretty much all of my book purchases either at their stores or via their website. You don't need PayPal for that.

I hope another service springs up, but PayPal pretty much has a monopoly. I don't see a new service lasting long, unfortunately.
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