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My boss won't let me take time off to campaign for Governor. Oh, well.

As long as it's not that dickhead Simion, or that asshole Issa, or any other repuglican who is a sore loser and wants do-overs.

Sure, Davis is soundly in the pocket of big business, and helps out his cronies. How in the hell is that any different than the repuglicans who want to oust him??

If you think the pandering to banks, insurance companies, utilities and other large conglomerates is bad now, wait until we get some "market driven" deregulation happy repuglican in office. Those guys live for the cash from corporations and churches. They don't spit without checking to see that some big company or industry lobbying group isn't going to get upset.

I urge all Californians to vote NO on the Davis recall.

It will piss off the national Republican machine, which is pushing for this in retaliation for a) CA not going for Bush for president and b) not electing all his republican buddies. The whole energy screwover was engineered by companies closely tied with Cheney, Bush, and their cronies.

Adults don't whine for do-overs or blame the opposition when the crap they wanted turns out to be bad.


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Jul. 31st, 2003 10:52 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! I agree completely. I think you should email a copy to Boo. She thinks the dems are bad. Maybe we can ship Jeb Bush up to Illinois for a couple of terms. I think that would change her mind. Dubya is a saint by comparison.

BTW, I think you would make an excellent governor. Start with the City Commission or Town Council and then graduate to County Elections Supervisor before going on to the State Senate which will lead you, because of your common sense and ability to feel for the working stiff, unerringly to the Governor's Mansion as its elected occupant. Love ya!
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