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The one time in several months that I had a meeting after work, people bitched about me not wanting to stay. Sheesh!

I got out 10 - 15 minutes later than my latest latest leave time, got to the meeting place late, saw ertla, and by the time we'd circled the block (with traffic) she'd had to leave. The other kids that were going to be there had seen her, but hadn't said anything to her!

If there hadn't been traffic, I could have gotten out of the car on the street, but downtown Mountain View is crazy with impatient yuppies.

Then, I finally get home, and my primary email ISP is down, so I can't retrieve mail from my heaviest traffic mailboxes. Their web site is offline, and even the shell is unavailable by ssh.

I have got to get a domain for Ravan Asteris, just so I can have back up mail addresses.


Aug. 20th, 2003 10:54 pm (UTC)
Mine is hosted by GoDaddy which handles registration et al. It is doable moneywise too. Several of my friends use gbso.net which is gbso online out of Palatka, Florida. I have front page extensions on mine and gbso hosts the lions website I do. They have both unix and windows servers and front page extensions are available. Gbso includes hosting and registration in one fee and they don't seem to have any limits on bandwidth. I guess that is what happens when you host from a podunk town. LOL. I have been happy with Godaddy, however. I am not sure about changing when the domain is up for renewal next year. The price is about the same, but must be paid all at once for gbso. If you qualify for a dot-org it is cheaper, however, at gbso. Tell George and Linda that I sent you. LOL. Love you and like the idea of ravan.com for a name. KISS! BTW, I now have dsl through bellsouth and I really, really like it ~~~~~~ dropping msn this month and maybe clubdepot.com next month except they are a cheap alternative for if and when dsl is down, cheaper by far than the bellsouth.net they offer/include as a backup. Time to feed my sweet Bill. Goodnight!

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