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Dear Body...

I really would rather you would find a less humiliating way to express your displeasure with food contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, particulaly soybean oil. I know the trans fatty acids are bad for me, but they are in everything readymade that you can buy these days, and making food from scratch when you work 10 hours a day is not do-able. But I would really like it if you stopped with the "urgent diarhea" a half hour to two hours after eating something that has something "hydrogenated" in it! It takes me two minutes to limp to the nearest non-stink-bombed bathroom, and high pressure "leakage" is very unpleasant and humiliating.


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Sep. 4th, 2003 09:21 pm (UTC)
Aw Damn, Sweetie, I'd kinda hoped that neither you nor Boo would have got my allergy to soy oil. I can sympathize and suggest you try an immodium AD as it seems to slow down the explosion long enough for a bit of control. Soy is in EVERYTHING! I was in heaven while Bill was able to bake bread for me. Now I avoid it and use flour tacos for most stuff. It is almost impossible if you have to eat out though. I did discover that if I avoid it like, every other day if at all possible I can manage. Having the gall bladder removed helped a little, probably because, if you remember, I had to eat NO oil for about three months. Not good for the diabetes since istead of fat they use sugar. Can't win for losing. Hope you feel better soon. Got a breadmaker? Does your Fzy roomy still cook? I also found that the less than 2 percent rule helps when reading labels for stuff that I could tolerate. That and I eat an awful lot of cheese. Take extra good care of yourself.
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