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One down, more to go.

I set up the final payment on one of my credit accounts today. $375, so it will hurt a little, but I will never have to deal with them again. All I have left, of those who didn't turn it over to vultures, is BofA, Sears, and a credit union. Then I get to save up and maybe settle with the vultures.

It's taken longer than I planned, but teeth and cars got in the way.

I'm still waffling about going to LISA in San Diego (SysAdmin conference) at the end of October. I figure it will cost nearly $2000, including conference membership and hotel (not counting time off of work). It's not that I won't have it, but I'm wondering if the professional benefit will be worth the cost. I need to decide by Oct 5, so I can get registered.


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Sep. 20th, 2003 05:07 pm (UTC)
Congrats on killing off anotehr credit account.
Sep. 20th, 2003 08:54 pm (UTC)
You're doing GREAT! says Bill, too, along with me. I've been doing the same for Grams. If all goes well we'll have most of the vultures gone in about six months.

About the LISA course ---- can you get your employer to do a full or partial reimbursement? Also be aware that it should be deductible for the IRS. Can the office make your reservation and get the corporate rate for you? Is there anyone you know in San Diegot with whom you could stay for that time? Car rentals with budget can be less than the hotel bill would be. If you have to go to a hotel is it an Embassy Suites or such that has a complimentary FULL breakfast (not just that continental shit) and lots of munchies at the cocktail hour? I used to get a daily stipend for meals with the county when we traveled and it was barely adequate so I learned how to save on the meals I had to eat on my own. Also, sometimes the conference offers a package which includes lunches and/or some dinners. These can be either a godsend or a real hassle, but might save some $. Then you might work to get some invites to hospitality rooms early in the evening to scarf down some munchies there. If you have a suites rooom, some of them come with a microwave ---- heaven for all meals but the banquet. LOL. I know you will make the best decision for you. You always do. Love ya!
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