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Purple Potti Painting

So one of the managers at work, BH, has a purple painted bathroom. Dark purple - nearly black - that is. He had a nice shindig there for fleet week with his neighbors (we watched the Blue Angels buzz San Francisco). He's a bit frustrated with the bathroom - it's too dark.

I've apparently been watching too many "Changing Rooms" and "House Invaders" episodes. It was obvious to me what needed to be done about the over-purpled bathroom.

So this weekend I swung by home despot, and got a couple little cans of a nice oil-based aluminum metallic trim paint, some painters masking tape (suitable for painted surfaces), a 1" brush suitable for oil-based paints, a quart of paint thinner for cleanup, and some little plastic paint & trim trays.

Guess what he'll find on his desk tomorrow...


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Oct. 19th, 2003 11:30 pm (UTC)
How about a Surprised by Design quick change? Accessorize that deep purple royalty with cream colored towels, drapes, carpeting and shower curtain. Trim each with a stripe to match the purple walls, just one stripe to tie it all together. Add the silver and a silver stripe too with a silver grey carpet, instead of the cream, and it will also be punched up and lighter. Find a nice silver picture frame. Inside of it do a cream and purple graphic with just a hint of silver, say one silver ball. I'm thinking cream paper with purple and silver markers used to do a geometric shapes almost Mondrian-like piece of art. To protect it from the steam, it should be seal-framed behind glass and use only acid-free paper.

The spate of design shows on the tube has me itching to get rid of early trailer full of junk style in a year or so. I know that it will take me ages to do the makeover. It will be my retirement project. I might finish it by the time I am 90. * grin *
Oct. 20th, 2003 11:53 am (UTC)
How thoughtful of you!!

I was going to suggest sponging over the dark with a lighter color.

Best bathroom I've ever seen belongs to my friend Steve, it's named 'The Magic Tiki Bathroom' - Steve sells Hawaiian antiquities and collectibles and went REALLY over board with this one room.
Granted it's VERY kitch, I mean, how often does a commode sing 'Tiny Bubbles' when you flush??? :)
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