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I called "my" Senators

The senate passed a resolution supporting "under God" as part of the pledge of allegience. I am so mad I could spit.

So I called my senators, and sent them email. The email is as follows:

You are a craven coward. When the senate voted to *support* the
presence of religious phraseology in the Pledge of Allegiance, you voted
with all of the rest of the lemmings. I am disgusted.

You have, in effect, told you constituents that don't believe in the
JudeoChristian "God" *THAT THEY DON'T COUNT*!!! Your vote in support of
the religious reich has said, in effect, that those who don't believe in
"God" (ie Jehovah, a brutal, vindictive volcano god) are not real

You disgust me. You have no guts, and do not truly even try to
represent the interest of all of the Buddhists, Hindus, atheists,
agnostics, Pagans, and Heathens who are also your constituents. After
all, it's easier to say "Well, the majority believes in God...", and
thus marginalize the diverse population that gives this country part of
its greatness.

You and you fellow senators are nothing more than a bunch of flunkies
for the Christian religious lobby in this country.

I will remember your betrayal at the ballot box.

What's worse is the "statement" by Dianne Feinstein that say, in part " This nation from its foundation has had a belief in God, and has a long tradition of expressing that belief."

This nation also had, "from its foundation", an institutionalized practice of slavery and a practive of denying women the right to vote. Does that make it right? That's what her logic suggests.

Not all of us worship "God", and it's about time that these twits realize it.

To find YOUR senator, see U. S. Senate: Senators by State. If you're not in the US, remember to make your opinion know to your governement, if you can safely do so.

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