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Friday night's alright for hacking...

Last night was a typical crunch Friday night at work. A previously unannounced deadline loomed, the "mutt and jeff" of our software implementation team were putting together untested code to combine a lot of patches into one big service pack, and I had to stay around to test it, being the only one that would and knew how. This BS started at 5:00. I did get some other tweaking done on my backend monitoring stuff. I was there 'till 12:15, and the thing still didn't work. I wish these idiots would get realistic about how long it takes to do things, and how many iterations are really needed.

I had planned to do some late evening shopping last night, since the stores are open but not as crowded with day people and their kids. Needless to say, that went by the wayside. What really irked me was that my boss came by to tell me I needed to stay on his way out the door! I got him back, though: I called him at *midnight* when stuff had failed even the first part of my testing.

I woke up this morning at 8:30.

It's times like this that I am *so* glad I'm contract, and paid by the hour, not salary! Of course, the holidays and Xmas shutdown are the down side of that - I don't get PTO or holiday pay.

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