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Credit Stalkers


One of the collection agencies called my frigging landlord and implied that they had to get hold of me for some "emergency". She called us at 9 am, and then came by to leave us a note at 11!!

These asshats have called my father, my roommates, and now my landlord. I call it stalking and attempted extortion, myself. They are demanding more $$ than ever was charged to any card I ever held. What I think might be the original card went delinquent when they doubled my interest rate, not because I didn't pay them, but because I had other delinquent accounts. This was when I was unemployed for over a year, and was borrowing money to keep them paid.

I'm seriously considering learning how to screw them at their own game from Credit Wrench


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Dec. 28th, 2003 12:37 pm (UTC)
Sweety, you can check the state laws, as I have forgotten them for out there. I think, and you might need to check too, that there is a federal law that says that if you notify them in writing that you do not want to be contacted other than by mail, that they have to abide by that. In that letter you can also stipulate that by harrassing you in the ways you just described that they have violated the debtors rights act (get the full name) and therefore you now just might owe them nothing. Tell them that you are in the process of checking the legal ramifications of their actions and will get back to them when you know what those are. I also just settled all of Grams cards save one at about sixty percent of the total and it was divided into five or six payments. They must offer you this, I believe and you can negotiate with them for how much. If it is Providian, be aware that there is a large class action suit against them which they lost. The collectors often lie about the law too. It might be worth a hundred or two to contact a lawyer to contact them demanding a listing of all charges and stating that you had paid them on time and demanding that the interest rate be rolled back retroactively and apologies sent to your employer, your father and your landlord for the inconvenience and the possible exacerbation of your father's heart condition. ( Do you know any legal eagles who would like to have a bit of fun with these clowns and would do it for a song or three?) I told one of Gmas that they had two choices, one was to work with me, the other was to continue to harrass her by which they would get no money and have my assurance that at her death I would bankrupt the estate in a New York Minute. Since all of her income is retirement income and her property is homesteaded, they saw the light and worked with me.
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