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Fuzzy Slippers

Had to go out early this morning to take S's car to the shop. Stopped by a drugstore on the way back.

I got myself some Fuzzy Slippers.

Why, might you ask? Well, my feet don't like being in socks all the time - if they're tight enough to stay up, they start to chafe after a few hours. When I'm out and about, this isn't a problem, because I'm moving. But when I get home, the shoes and socks come *off*. But it's winter, and the heat in my house is rather inefficient. So without the dreaded socks, my feet get cold. I ended up having to chose between itching calves or icicle feet. The cure, hopefully: Fuzzy Slippers.


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Jan. 2nd, 2004 03:31 pm (UTC)
Fuzzy Slippers
I could have some fun with that expresssion! I take it you mean slippers that are fluffy and fuzzy. They were not slippers for Fuzzy or slippers that looked like or were made of Fuzzy. LOL.

I share your problem with foot covering in the winter. As you know, I just don't wear socks unless absolutely necessary and all foot coverings come off in the house. Bare feet are happy feet for me. In the winter, I use socks, but usually try to find and use the golf style which are the ones with little fuzzy fur balls on the heels and they just cover the foot and not the ankle or calf. They are a cheap, more formal, alternative to the fuzzy slippers for me. They also go right into the wash with my undies so I can put on clean ones after I forget and walk out to the car or garbage cans in them. LOL
Fuzzy slippers, however, are more satisfying when it is really, really cold in here! Love ya!
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