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I am in a bad mood. The reasons are many.
1) I have my boss playing "lets ask both sysadmins the same question and see if they will give two different answers, so I can pick the one I like." The other sysadmin he's doing this with doesn't exactly like it either.
2) I have QA saying, "oh, we expanded the test you have to do, but it will still only take half an hour, and it's not my fault if I takes too long, I was just doing what I was told." I hate it when people use the Nuremburg defense at work. I've been sandbagged (and so have the other sysadmins, who are the ones that get asked to do this stupid *windows* test.) Most of the time when I have to do it, it's like 9 pm, and I don't want to spend two hours doing what used to take only a half hour just so someone else can make it "more complete".
3) I have bug fixes that aren't even due to my errors, but due to an undocumented build environment and unrealistic rpm requirements that functionally break good source management practices, and a snotty assed developer refusing to put a thing in an installer until I've "fully tested" the thing, nevermind that I can't "fully test" it with its final build environment until he puts it into the fucking installer!!
4) ClearCase + ClearQuest + UCM == pure, unadulterated garbage that can't be relied on not to lose checked in and delivered changes (as in the filename is there, but its size is ZERO!) This expensive piece of junk, that we threw over cvs and bugzilla for, has cost me several weeks of productivity just to futz with it.
5) Bush, et al. Liars. Them and the religious reich's Bushie Youth thing is profoundly disturbing. No, Bush isn't Hitler, *yet*. But his body count in his little wars is rising, and he hasn't made any safer from terror, but he sure has made the world safer for terror.
6) It seems to me that the JCI religions have done very little in the last century to promote civilization. You scratch beneath the most revolting forms of intolerance, bigotry, repression and genocide, and you will find the god of Abraham and his death cult followers urging more.
7) Then there's paganism. I really get tired of the fluffy, flakey brigade who want to be important fish in their small pond. As with any religion, if your religion doesn't help you understand and deal with the world more effectively, you need to shop for a new religion.

More to come, I'm sure...


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Mar. 30th, 2004 04:57 pm (UTC)
Sigh. I hear ya. I wish I could find a way to stay so busy I didn't have to think about it all.

Mar. 30th, 2004 10:34 pm (UTC)
Sounds like your life is the source code for many, many Dilbert strips...

And not all of us Pagans are fluffy, flaky types. [I just dare you to call me that to my face...]

In fact, quite a few of us get seriously pissed with the fluff bunnies. They give the rest of us a bad name, not to mention are revoltingly new-age-y, and then turn round and prove themselves as 13th level initiates of Bitchcraft whenever someone doesn't stroke their egos.

Mar. 31st, 2004 09:09 am (UTC)
Sounds like your life is the source code for many, many Dilbert strips...

Heh. I bought a sketch book this weekend for just that purpose. I have years of experience with the BS of the high tech industry to draw with... now all I have to do is be able to draw well...

And not all of us Pagans are fluffy, flaky types. [I just dare you to call me that to my face...]

I know, I'm not, for one. But it seems that 90 percent of the pagans and "heathens" that I come across are disfunctional in ordinary reality.

And I would call you that to your face, as I fluffed your beard!
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