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I am surprised by how much delayed stuff I'm doing. It's like I'm catching up on a year of life. I got the new printer working with the Win2K box, planted two more strawberry plants, and started the prep for the faucet walkway. I updated my resume, but I haven't called the unemployment office yet, and I haven't updated it on all the job boards yet. A big part of me is really enjoying the vacation.

I still need to (not in any order):
  • do three Debian installs (one on my poor little box that I sacrificed to become a Win2K box for work, because the shitheads didn't support the Linux VPN, one for the lj-less fuzzy, one for datapard),
  • go to ClusterWorld in San Jose tomorrow, - cancelled
  • swap out some hardware,
  • finish filing my bills for 2003,
  • make more progress on the crochet project that has been sitting snickering at me for a year,
  • move, in a rational sequence, six domains and their associated email users and routing to the new hosting (I administer domains for four others, plus myself),
  • make the MT blogware for one domain work again, because the previous host broke it badly when they switched from Mandrake to OpenBSD without asking us("we still advertise Linux because we run it in emulation mode under compat_linux"),
  • go to the bank and deposit random insurance checks,
  • get jerky last company to sign timecard - handled by agency,
  • pay some more bills,
  • file for unemployment and hope they have money, - done (04/08)
  • update resume postings on at least three major job boards, - done (04/08)
  • lay sand and pavers in faucet walkway,
  • touch base with references and make a list of who is viable,
  • help clean up the yard,
  • try to get the vacuum cleaner to suck up dust bunnies without setting off allergies
Leisure time? yeah, I'll stick some of that in too, don't worry.... ;-)

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