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Ravan's Rants

Miscellaneous mullings and minutiae from Ravan Asteris

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Ravan Asteris
14 July 1961
NOTE: Interests ≠ Likes!!! I'm interested in news and discussion about these things. I'm an adult, I don't equate interests with only things I like. For example, I sure as hell don't "like" brain injury!!

I'm middle-aged, overweight, pagan/heathen, disabled, and opinionated. I can be a 14 karat bitch, and sometimes even 24 k.

This journal contains mature subject matter - politics, paganism, GLBT issues, body issues, reproductive rights, and religion. It also contains a lot of swearing. If these things offend you, don't friend me, don't read me, and don't bitch about my existence - I'll just mock you mercilessly.

MB personality type: INTP, with occasional forays over the line into INTJ

If you find what I have to say valuable, leave me a tip:

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abi, abortion rights, anne mccaffrey, asatru, astro empires, astroempires, avm, bill of rights, bisexuality, books, brain injury, canes, cats, cbt, censorship, censorship hate, childfree, chocolate, christian reconstructionism, christianists, church and state, cilantro is nasty, classic rock, classism, coffee, computers, constitutional rights, cooking, craniotomy, crochet, cults, david drake, david weber, depression, die gedanken sind frei, disability, dominion theology, dominionism, dreams, electrokinesis, electronic freedom, electronica, eliminationism, equal rights, eric flint, ex-christian, fantasy, fiction, free speech, freedom from religion, freedom of fandom, freedom of religion, fundamentalism, gay bashers, gay marriage, gay rights, geek, gun rights, habeas corpus, hate crimes, heathen, heathenism, hemiparesis, hermetics, hoarding, homophobia, homosexuality, honor harrington, hysterectomy, iconoclasm, illegal wiretaps, impeach bush, la marseillaise, linux, linuxchix, magic, magic(k), maine coon, mbi, mental illnesses, mercedes lackey, metallica, music, myers-briggs, mysteries, neopaganism, norns, ocd, ocpd, pagan clergy, paganism, perl, philosophy, politics, polytheism, privacy, privacy rights, pro choice, prozac, pseudo-christianity, psi, psionics, psychic phenomena, psychology, psychopaths, puns, purple, purple hair, pyrokinesis, reading, religion, religious freedom, roe v wade, rpgs, science fiction, sf bay area, shamanism, silicon valley, soapmaking, sociopaths, spiritual abuse, spirituality, stopping web vigilantes, stroke, sushi, sysadmin, system administration, tbi, technology, technomagic, telekinesis, telepathy, thought crime, traumatic brain injury, true crime, twisted fiction, u-boats, unix, usenet, writing, ww2, wyrd, wyrd sisters, wyrdae

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